An Augmented Reality

Ghost Hunt Horror Experience

A fully immersive, 360 degree ghost hunting experience, played anywhere without limits.

The Story

In 1842, Occultist Jeremiah Scry wrote his illicit publication ‘The Book of Scry’, his own personal methods of allowing the living to view and interact with the dead through the use of his forbidden illumination techniques and rituals. All in the hope of recording evidence.


Then one day Scry vanished, along with his mysterious book.


Now over 100 years later a forgotten set of Scry’s papers have been recovered, his ancient light rituals converted into the digital age thanks to the power of augmented reality. Scry’s use of illumination techniques used to summon ghosts now transcribed into a unique signal to be utilised via a smart devices’ LED light.


Now using Scry’s lost methods it’s up to you to seek out and attempt to lay the spirits haunting your neighbourhoods to rest. Each ghost will have their own story to tell, and they may well attempt to contact you through your own home smart devices. No two ghosts haunting a location are ever the same. Every ghost will differ depending on their geographical location. Commune with the spirits with your microphone. Some will be playful, others less so. Go on single player hunts or hunt with a team of up to 5 players and capture as much evidence as possible via the Scrylight app and help share their tales.


But beware, some ghosts may not be so eager to go back to their realm and if they get too close, maybe they’ll take you with them.


Take care, keep your smartphone charged and don’t forget your SCRYLIGHT.

‘A light so unnatural, it was said its very shine could summon the dead.’

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The Game

Utilising cutting edge augmented reality technology powered by Niantic Lightship (Pokemon Go), Scrylight offers players an unparalleled ghost hunting experience unlike any other. Utilising the camera of the player’s smart device allowing game play in limitless locations. Interaction is at the key of Scrylight and our technology allows players the means to communicate directly with a multitude of spirits via their smart device microphone. The more evidence captured, the more chance of winning an entity’s trust and solving the mystery of each ghosts’ haunting and ‘banishing’ them to the netherworld.


Each ghost banished allows a chance of moving onto the next entity, with a series of ‘bosses’ guarding a range of individual locations. With literally limitless possibilities of hauntings thanks to Scrylight’s own ghost spawning mechanism the ‘ScryEngine’ a custom built engine which creates unique ghosts dependent on the geographical location of the smart device. Play a game near the coast and expect to encounter ghostly sailors alongside an undead pirate. Or maybe you’ll take a hunt near a theatre and run into one it’s ghostly actors. The encounters are quite literally, limitless.


But most unsettling of all, Scrylight’s unique connect-ability with smart devices including Smart Lights and Smart Doorbells, ghosts can haunt players in real world scenarios, activating real world devices.


The game is no longer confined to your device…


Interactive AR

Full 360-degree interaction between entities and players, featuring a unique augmented reality system that provides unparalleled realism in ghost hunting.


Procedural Entities

A unique ghost builder allowing for infinite variations of Entities, each with their own names and persona, we call this the "ScryEngine".


Immersive Gameplay

Interactivity between entities and players: Players can receive in-game phone calls, text messages, and emails, and can also ask questions. Who knows what may answer?


Smart Hauntings

Full integration with smart devices allows for real-world hauntings, with entities triggering actual devices in the real world.


Don't go Alone

Full multiplayer accessibility, play with up to 4 other friends and hunt and capture evidence of Entities.



Players can choose to view between standard view modes, night vision view modes and emulated thermal modes.


Early Gameplay Prototype

This video shows pre-alpha gameplay featuring procedurally generated entities and interactions. Please note that this is not a complete representation of the final game and is subject to change.

Seasonal Scrylight Hauntings

Smart Device Gameplay Integration Demo with Philips Hue Smart Lights.

“At Niantic we believe in the importance of exploring the world together, and the Scrylight team is finding innovative ways to encourage players to explore their neighborhoods through augmented reality. As part of the Niantic Managed Partner Program, Scrylight has our confidence and access to additional engineering and marketing support.”

Niantic Lightship


The Team

T.W. Burgess

Role : Co-Creator / Writing / Game Design

Writer. Creator of Ghoster, Photoghasts Malevolents, Eyrie, Pylons. Author of Early Haunts:The origins of Sleepy Hollow, Ring, A Christmas Carol & Frankenstein

After his breakout indie comic launched back in 2015, T.W. Burgess’s work has garnered attention from the likes of David Sandberg (Annabelle/Shazam), Andy Nyman (Ghost Stories) and forewords from the likes of directors Corin Hardy, André Øvredal and international horror manga artist Junji Ito. In 2020 amidst the worldwide pandemic, T.W. launched a Kickstarter for a graphic novel anthology ‘Early Haunts’ which featured ground breaking Augmented Reality Technology. The campaign quickly gathered momentum with the book raising over £25k and remaining the most funded ghost story anthology on the platform. In 2021 T.W. crowdfunded ‘Photoghasts’ the world’s first augmented reality horror card game raising over £22k. Since 2022 T.W. has been concentrating on his work with Ben Hamlett, creating the world’s first unique ghost hunting experience in Scrylight.

Ben Hamlett

Role : Co- Creator / Coding / Game Development

Experienced developer with over 10 years in game and interactive experience creation. Skilled in delivering immersive and engaging products.

With over 10 year experience in the software industry, Ben has carved out a name for himself in game development and interactive experience creation. Skilled in delivering immersive and engaging software, Ben’s expertise in both traditional AR and web-based AR has helped to create a wide range of immersive and engaging experiences for players. At the beginning of 2021, Ben Hamlett made the transition from running a successful web agency to becoming a full-time freelance game developer leading to a multitude of gaming experiences including, several RPG’s, augmented reality apps and the first build of Scrylight. Following the game’s interest from industry leader Niantic, Ben is currently working alongside T.W. on the integration of Scrylight’s story around the game’s ScryEngine and smart device integration.


See “The Game” section.

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